Como no detestar a los chinos con ideas como estas

A veces yo me pregunto como pueden ser una cultura milenaria y tener tan poco sentido de la conservacion de especies o el cuidado de animales. Son casi como una plaga que solo busca destruir el entorno con tal de obtener recursos y lo digo luego de ver la genial idea de meter animales vivos en llaveros y venderlos.
Me parece tan anti natural su manera de actuar

Estan locos o que, que les pasa como tan locooos… Los odio.

Esas situasiones deberian ser denunsiadas …Donde estan los defensores de animales???

24 time zones that have been adapted into the present day people, no time zone is actually difficult to imagine in the past era, until the 20th millennium, there are various time zones everywhere division of France. With the emergence of railroads and telegraph methods, the world closer plus closer ties between countries, because the time zone dividing the huge losses due to uneven after another, so that the ordinary zoning action is imminent. 1858 first proposed your prime meridian mathematician Quirico Filopanti 24 hours as the basis with regard to zoning, 1884, the International Meridian Seminar formally identified 24 time zones divide and Greenwich since the prime meridian, and get international recognition. It was not until finally the 20th century, this decision was accepted because of the world, and has been key.

While this manual-winding view with hour, minute display, and up to 12 days of power pre-book, and in the 3 o’clock direction power arrange display. Diameter 34 mm, RM58-01 movement with five titanium to generate the board, deck the same content were also completed. Tourbillon at 9 o’clock position, swing frequency 3 Hz, placed four-layer titanium and rose gold case. Rotating bezel with silk and polished by chance peening, and in the black brown inner ring engraved while using world’s 24 major cities inside name of the symbol Fleming advocated from the 24 time zones.

Simple and elegant appearance belonging to the watch, in fact extremely complex mechanical hidden mystery. Unlike other complex functions have this watch, RM 58-01 no button is employed to change the time frame zone. But by rotating bezel counterclockwise to change the time zone, adjust the time faster. Arrive in a innovative city, just rotated to align the city name 12 o’clock location, you can through the 24-hour scale within the inner ring, automatically define local together with other 23 cities. Black and white color on the disc clearly indicated circadian time and over time automatically render the circadian changes.

Richard Mille wanted to create an easy to use watch. Richard Mille watch factory movement and the case of many fitters carefully study the time-consuming, and finally the achievements on this great innovation to make, a connection will be successfully integrated into the movement of the gear into the bezel, on the one hand to ensure that the two parts great fit, and partly because there isn’t any button design to ensure water resistance of the watch in its entirety.

RM 58-01 international typical watch with red gold to construct, titanium bezel and caseback, limited edition 35. While this unique designer watches sold by Jean Todt give away money to finance their attaches great importance in promoting two key projects: “FIA Action For Road Safety” activities in addition to by his participation within the establishment of the mental and spinal cord Institute (ICM).

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